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Free standing
poster display unit.
Free-standing Poster Display Rack

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A great way to display posters in stores. Free Standing units can be used in retail outlets, concessions, banks, estate agent offices, museums, airports, receptions, showrooms, leisure centres. CALL FOR DETAILS
RACK-200 free standing display rack 2m
RACK-CABLE steel cable and tensioner for display rack
CG03 panel support, single
CG04 panel support, double
JSI-MA4PW A4 acrylic poster panel, portrait
JSI-MA4LW A4 acrylic poster panel, landscape
JSI-MA3PW A3 acrylic poster panel, portrait
JSI-MA3LW A3 acrylic poster panel, landscape
JSI-MA2PW A2 acrylic poster panel, portrait
JSI-MA2LW A2 acrylic poster panel, landscape
JSI-MA1PW A1 acrylic poster panel, portrait
JSI-MA1LW A1 acrylic poster panel, landscape
smart-spring hook
Smart-Spring Hook for 2mm perlon cord or steel cable. Easily adjusted by pinch action.
Max. load 4 kg.
Smart-Spring Hook, 4kg
HOOKSS smart-spring hook 4kg (8lbs)
cylinder hook
Cylinder Hook for perlon and steel 1.5 or 2mm cable. Chrome finish, adjusted by brass screw. Ideal for small to medium size pictures.
Cylinder Hook, 7kg
HOOKCY2 cylinder hook 7kg (15lbs)
self-locking hook
Self-locking Hook for perlon & steel cable (2mm only). Heavy duty. Chrome finish. Adjusted by easy to use spring locking mechanism.
Self-Locking Hook, 10kg
HOOKSL self-locking hook 10kg (22lbs)
cable hook
Cable Hook for use with the heaviest of pictures. This new design makes the pictures hang closer to the wall than any of the other hooks in our range.
New Cable Hook 20kg
HOOKCB cable 1.5mm hook 20kg
captain hook
Captain Hook for use with the heaviest of pictures. Its weight capacity out matches any cables it can be attached to!
Captain Hook, 30kg
HOOKCT captain 1.5mm hook 30kg (66lbs)
captain hook security
Captain Hook Security for use with the heaviest of pictures. This security version has a spring latch over the hook to prevent the easy removal of the picture.
Captain Hook Security, 30kg
HOOKCTS captain 1.5mm hook 30kg (66lbs) Security
You don't have to install it yourself! You can ask us to do it!
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