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Clip-rail Picture Hanging System, available in 3 finishes

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Clip-rail System ProfileUsed with transparent perlon cords or steel cables to suspend picures. Aluminium Profile 25 x 8.5 mm. Its the most elegent, the most easy to install and the least expensive. Which may explain why its by far the most popular.
RC-W-200 clip-rail, white 2m (6ft 6")
RC-W-300 clip-rail, white 3m (9ft 10")
RC-S-200 clip-rail, silver 2m (6ft 6")
RC-S-300 clip-rail, silver 3m (9ft 10")
RC-K-200 clip-rail, black 2m (6ft 6")
RC-K-300 clip-rail, black 3m (9ft 10")
mounting-clips, screws & plugs
  Mounting-Clips for screwing
to wall at 25-30cm (10-12ins) intervals i.e. approx. 3 per metre/yard. The nylon Mounting-Clip is more than strong enough in most circumstances. However, use brass for max. strength.
Mounting-clip & Mounting-clip Brass
Mounting-Clip Profile
RC-MC clip-rail mounting-clip nylon
RC-MCB clip-rail mounting-clip brass
SCREW screw standard
PLUG wall plug standard
PPLUG plug plasterboard wall
connectors for clip-rail
Straight-Connector to connect two pieces of clip-rail. Required when wall is longer than the longest rail.

Corner-Connector for inside and outside corners. Makes corners look smarter and whole system stronger.
RC-SC clip-rail straight-connector
RC-W-CC clip-rail corner-connector white
RC-S-CC clip-rail corner-connector silver
RC-K-CC clip-rail corner-connector black
end-pieces for clip-rail
End-Piece for neat termination of exposed clip-rail ends.
RC-W-EP clip-rail end-piece white
RC-S-EP clip-rail end-piece silver
RC-K-EP clip-rail end-piece black
cobra-anchors + perlon cord or steel cable
The NEW Cobra can be inserted into the rail at any point.
Cobra Anchor with Perlon 2 mm Cord or Steel Cable
CP-100 cobra + perlon 2mm cord 1m 
CP-150 cobra + perlon 2mm cord 1.5m
CP-200  cobra + perlon 2mm cord 2m
CP-250 cobra + perlon 2mm cord 2.5m
CP-300 NEW cobra + perlon 2mm cord 3m £3.24
CP-350 NEW cobra + perlon 2mm cord 3.5m £3.75
CS-100 cobra + steel 2mm cable 1m
CS-150 cobra + steel 2mm cable 1.5m
CS-200  cobra + steel 2mm cable 2m
CS-250 cobra + steel 2mm cable 2.5m
disc/barrel anchors + perlon cord or steel cable
The maximum length of the perlon with Disc Anchor is 2.5m. The Barrel Anchor can be supplied with any length of perlon or steel cable. The cable is available in both 1.5mm and 2mm diameters.
Disc Anchor + Perlon 2mm Transparent CordDisc Anchor + Perlon 2mm Cord Photo
Barrel Anchor + Stainless Steel CableBarrel Anchor + Stainless Steel Cable
DAP-100 disc anchor + perlon 2mm cord 1m
DAP-150 disc anchor + perlon 2mm cord 1.5m
DAP-200 disc anchor + perlon 2mm cord 2m
DAP-250 disc anchor + perlon 2mm cord 2.5m
DAP-300 disc anchor + perlon 2mm cord 3m
BASC-100 barrel anchor + steel 1.5mm cable 1m
BASC-150 barrel anchor + steel 1.5mm cable 1.5m
BASC-200 barrel anchor + steel 1.5mm cable 2m
BASC-250 barrel anchor + steel 1.5mm cable 2.5m
BASC-300 barrel anchor + steel 1.5mm cable 3m
BASC-350 barrel anchor + steel 1.5mm cable 3.5m
mini hook
Mini Hook for perlon cord or steel cable. Simple and effective.
Max. load 7 kg.
Mini Hook, 7kg (15lbs)
IE-MINIHOOK mini hook 7kg (15lbs)
smart-spring hook
Smart-Spring Hook for 2mm perlon cord or steel cable. Easily adjusted by pinch action.
Max. load 4 kg.
Smart-Spring Hook, 4kg
HOOKSS smart-spring hook 4kg (8lbs)
cylinder hook
Cylinder Hook for perlon and steel 1.5 or 2mm cable. Chrome finish, adjusted by brass screw. Ideal for small to medium size pictures.
Cylinder Hook, 7kg
HOOKCY2 cylinder hook 7kg (15lbs)
self-locking hook
Self-locking Hook for perlon & steel cable (2mm only). Heavy duty. Chrome finish. Adjusted by easy to use spring locking mechanism.
Self-Locking Hook, 10kg
HOOKSL self-locking hook 10kg (22lbs)
cable hook
Cable Hook for use with the heaviest of pictures. This new design makes the pictures hang closer to the wall than any of the other hooks in our range.
New Cable Hook 20kg
HOOKCB cable 1.5mm hook 20kg
captain hook
Captain Hook for use with the heaviest of pictures. Its weight capacity out matches any cables it can be attached to!
Captain Hook, 30kg
HOOKCT captain 1.5mm hook 30kg (66lbs)
captain hook double
Captain Hook Double for use with the heaviest of pictures. This version is designed to be used when hanging pictures in a window display or away from a wall.
Captain Hook Double, 30kg
HOOKCTD captain 1.5mm hook double 30kg (66lbs)
captain hook security
Captain Hook Security for use with the heaviest of pictures. This security version has a spring latch over the hook to prevent the easy removal of the picture.
Captain Hook Security, 30kg
HOOKCTS captain 1.5mm hook 30kg (66lbs) Security
security-screw hook
Security-Screw Hook is a new and innovative way to secure your pictures to cords/cables. The hook is screwed directly to your frame! Max. load 15kg.
HOOKSSH security-screw hook 15kg (30lbs)
rug & carpet clamp
Special Rug / Carpet Clamp designed to hang your carpets or rugs using our hanging systems!! Simple hooks onto an adjustable picture hook. (Recommended to use with Captain hook).
Rug / Carpet Clamp
IE-RUGC rug / carpet clamp
misc. anchors for clip-rail
Paperclip Anchor makes for a super quick hanging of architectural plans, posters, photographs...
Paper-Clip Anchor
BA barrel anchor
BHA-C basic hook anchor chrome
BHA-W basic hook anchor white
PCLIP-W paperclip anchor white
installation instuctions - 'a step-by-step guide'
You don't have to install it yourself! You can ask us to do it!
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531 Central Fine Arts, St Petersburg, Florida, USA
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American Numismatic Association, Colorado Springs, USA
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Brasfield & Gorrie, Birmingham, AL, USA
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Center for German & European Studies University of California, Berkeley, California, USA
Charleston Dorchester Community Mental Health Centre, Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Chelsea Editions, New York, New York, USA
Cora Ginsburg LLC, New York, New York, USA
Dairy Barn Inc, Athens, Ohio, USA
Davis Klapper Architects, , New York, USA
Dixon And Associates, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Dougall Fraser Real Estate, Garden City, New York, USA
Engineering Field Activity, Mediterranean, Napoli , Italy
Ferreteria Americana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Garrison Operations Division, Heidelberg, Germany
George & Judith Russell , Lake Forest, USA
Gray Studio, Lampasas, Texas, USA
Greiner Construction, St Paul, Minnesota, USA
H&R Johnson Bros.Inc., Evergreen Park, Illinois, USA
HRL International Property Consultants, Singapore
Inma Gallery of Fine Art, Al-Khobar, Akhrabia, Saudi Arabia
Junior League of Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA
Klapper Davis Architects, , New York, USA
Klaus W Hentges, Palo Alto, California, USA
KP Decorators, CX Vale Do Lobo, Almancil, Algarve, Portugal
Laurel Group, New Jersey, USA
Mediaglobe Ltd, Geneva, , Switzerland
Medical Center Blvd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Merrill Lynch, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA
Michigan State University-DCL Law College, Michigan, USA
Norwalk Transit District, Norwalk, Conneticut, USA
NTX Interiors, Inc, New York, USA
Nv Architects, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Object Technology Inc , Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Orient Art Gallery, Dubai, , United Arab Emirates
Outdoor Science, Lincoln, California, USA
Pastpresent Gallery, Celebration, Florida, USA
Philip Morris, Lausanne, , Switzerland
Picturesque, Drogheda, Co Louth, Eire
PL Management, Malden, MA, USA
Rambus Inc., Los Altos, California, USA
RTA Architects, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Saintryan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Sidnam Petrone Gartner Architects, New York, USA
Sprint Paranet, Lakewood, Colorado, USA
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Sugar Hill Art Center , New York, USA
Tara, Kinsale, Co Cork, Eire
Tariq Al-Ghanim Gen.Trad.& Cont.Co.(W.L.L), , Ahmadi, Kuwait
Technology Transfer, , Cairo, Egypt
The Inner Gallery, , St.Lucia
Thomas Hacker Architects, Portland, Oregon, USA
University of Michigan, Museum Of Art, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Visuale Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
WM Jordan Company, Richmond, Virginia, USA

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